Bratislava Schools Debating competition 2020
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16th - 19th OCTOBER


This tournament is held in a World School Debating Competition format. To remind you the difference with a Poper format:

1.) Points of information (substituting Cross-examinations)
2.) Length of the speech is 8 minutes

Structure of Tournament

BSDC will consist of 6 preliminary rounds, 2 elimination rounds and the Grand Final. Preliminary rounds consist of two impromptu motions and two prepared motions (debated from both sides by each team). Elimination rounds will be debated on impromptu motions and the Grand Final will be debated on one of the prepared motions from the preliminary rounds. Round 1 will be seeded randomly; subsequent rounds will be power-paired.

  • have participated in BSDC

  • First BSDC was held in 2009 and has been organised each year ever since

  • 2 prepared motions debated on both sides
    2 improptu motions debated on one side only

  • followed by Grand Finale

Chief Adjudicator

CA for BSDC 2020 will be Miha Andrić

Slovak Debate Association

The Slovak Debate Association is the only organization in Slovakia which promotes free speech and critical thinking through debating. SDA was registered on 17th November 1999 as an apolitical civic association. A spin-off of the Open Society Foundation, SDA took over the debate program in Slovakia established in 1996. It is also a founding member of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA). Members of SDA are usually involved in high school debate clubs. In 2011, SDA had over 800 members in over 50 debate clubs. In addition to competitive debating at high school level, SDA is expanding programs for elementary schools and universities, facilitates public debates, works with schools and teachers and provides training to active young people and NGOs. In 2012, SDA received the Slovak Youth Council Award whose aim is to raise awareness about the work of youth organizations. In the same year the Orange Foundation gave SDA an award for its long-term contribution to education in Slovakia. In 2003, SDA received a silver medal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its contribution to public discussion about the entry of Slovakia into NATO.

Dress code

  • Business casual attire for preliminary rounds
  • Business attire for eliminatory rounds and Grand Final



Delegations will be required to pay registration fees in full by 5th of September. Any delegation that fails to make payment by 5th of September will be struck from the tournament and its place will be re-allocated.

Payment information

International teams:
Please, fill the note for recipient in the form: BSDC – NAME OF THE DELEGATION/ TEAM – NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS YOU ARE PAYING FOR
Slovak teams:
Please, fill the note for recipient in the form: BSDC – NAME OF THE TEAM – NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS YOU ARE PAYING FOR

Bank account number: 2665455121, Code of the bank: 1100
Address of the bank: Tatrabanka, Hodžovo námestie 3, 811 06 Bratislava
IBAN: SK40 1100 0000 0026 6545 5121

Debater 150€
Judge 100€
Observer 200€
N-1 fee (for each missing judge) 150€


Selection key

Since we want BSDC to be as diverse as possible, a selection process will be adopted. While registering, you should state your preference by adding a letter behind the name of the team (e.g. Slovakia A, Slovakia B, etc.).

We will use the following key to assign places to international teams:

Preference to teams will be given according to the rank with which they were registered. As such, every country will be guaranteed a spot for their first team. (So we firstly register all A teams, then B teams, C teams etc.) Preference is given to teams from delegations that are able to bring a higher number of their own adjudicators. 
(It means that the C team from delegation that has registered 3 judges will be preferred to the C team from delegation that has registered 2 judges) If there are more teams than free spots remaining, spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.




Selection key




Important dates

1.7.2020 Release of invitation
1.7.2020 Registration opens
31.8.2020 Registration closes
15.9.2020 Prepared motions are announced
16. - 19.10.2020 Tournament

Venues and travel info

Accommodation: Hotel Astra

Please do respect all hotel rules throughout your stay.

How to get there?

Bratislava is easily accessible via nearest airports in Vienna, Budapest and Stefanik Airport in Bratislava. If you are coming from Vienna, you may want to use bus service that goes directly from the Swechat to Bratislava Bus station. You may choose between RegioJet or Slovak Lines buses. If coming from Budapest, we recommend the international train connection

Take the trolley bus number 201 when arriving from railway station.
Take the bus 96 when coming from the Stefanik Airport.
Preliminary and eliminations rounds will be held at school – Gymnazium Jura Hronca. The school is located within the walking distance (10mins) from the hotel.