Slovak Debate Association

The Slovak Debate Association is the only organization in Slovakia which promotes free speech and critical thinking through debating. SDA was registered on 17th November 1999 as an apolitical civic association. A spin-off of the Open Society Foundation, SDA took over the debate program in Slovakia established in 1996. It is also a founding member of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA).

Members of SDA are usually involved in high school debate clubs. In 2011, SDA had over 800 members in over 50 debate clubs. In addition to competitive debating at high school level, SDA is expanding programs for elementary schools and universities, facilitates public debates, works with schools and teachers and provides training to active young people and NGOs.

In 2012, SDA received the Slovak Youth Council Award whose aim is to raise awareness about the work of youth organizations. In the same year the Orange Foundation gave SDA an award for its long-term contribution to education in Slovakia. In 2003, SDA received a silver medal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its contribution to public discussion about the entry of Slovakia into NATO.